Sunday, November 9, 2008

The fall weather sure has been nice, we've managed to get lots of out door work done, even with Gordon working in Vancouver. With the help of CRTWH, providing a lovely new banner and brochures, and the WHN for the extra magazines, I manned a table at the St Paul Harvest Festival. The Festival is held every second year for six years now and I've been to every one of them. Mornin's Miracle was a wonderful ambassador to our breed, hanging her head over the stall for the entire weekend lapping up all the attention. Although they didn't have breed demo's this year because of time constraints, I did have two of the trainers from the Trainers Challenge ride Mira after they done. The winner of the challenge couldn't believe how smooth Mira was and is now looking at getting one for her arthritic father.

We also participated in Cattle Sorting. It's kind of like team penning, but you only have two team mates and must sort the cattle in numerical order with the first number being called out by the announcer in 75 seconds. The pros could do 9 calves, us beginners were lucky if we got in one or two. It was great fun.

I had a nice visit from Bob Lamport, his daughter-in-law Phyllis and granddaughter Trina back in Sept. Trina met my son Tyler at a 4-H camp and they came up to see our walking horses. Bob imported one of the first stallions into Alberta way back when, by the name of Prince Radar. He still has a few of his descendents on the farm. I brought Mira out and rode her around a bit for Bob. His whole face lit up when he heard that wonderful 1 2 3 4 thunking of a good run walk. It didn't take me long to persuade him to hop on for a ride. It had been three years since he sat a horse and he enjoyed himself so much. The visit was over much too soon, as they had a long drive back.

I've weaned 3 of my 4 foals, as the last one is too young yet, so am having fun doing their ground work. Eddie, my bottle baby from last year is a great babysitter as he is so mellow and relaxed with anything we humans may do that the babies are following his example.

Finially thought of a name for Angel's little colt. CSR Rascal's Lil' Puzzle. He sure is cute, and way smaller than the other babies, even though his mom is like 16hh.

I lost one of my foals. I had decided to wean the last two foals as the first two were doing well. The mares came in for water except for Koko and her baby. Went out to find them and found the baby in the fence. He missed the gate and tryed to hop throught the fence instead. Some how he got the bottome wire twisted around his hind foot and ruptured the tendon and ligament as well as ripping the muscle to the bone. So it was with very sad hearts that we put him down as the vet said that with injuries of this type the risk of tendon and bone infection were incrediable high.

Busy weekend with 4-h as we have weigh in on the 11th. The boys had to go out and round up the cows and then pick out the calves that they want to use this year. We are also going to have a stall mate that will be in the freezer next year. So now we have to tag them and get them haltered.

Sold the last of my goats yesterday, and also got rid of a few more chickens, so now I'll have to go out and take stock of what is left to feed for the winter. Just got to move the bunnies to the barn and I think I'm all set! We still have more to wood to haul, but that's a never ending chore. Mind you, I like not having to pay a natural gas bill!