Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Almost Spring!!

The snow is all gone, and I'm just going to asume that we will get lots of rain. The old folks around here are telling me that based on all the signs, we will have a hot, wet summer and for now I'm just going to go with that. We are only expecting one foal this year, Scarlet was bred to Money, I hope I get a flaxen mane and tail foal.

The hens are laying like crazy right now, and some are starting to set, same with the ducks so I should soon have little chicks around. Got my broilers and turkey's ordered for the end of April, so I got to get the brooder room all cleaned out and ready to go.

Gord made it back home from the ice roads. A disapointing season as the roads kept melting and they had to only drive at night, it really cut down on the loads that could be hauled.

Just finished kidding out the last of the goats (except for two doeling, and who knows when they might decide to kid). We are up to 35 new babies this week.

Off to visit the Rescue 100 today. It is just staggering the number of horses that have been seized this winter, including a herd of TWH. There has been questions of why, but gee, do you think the high hay prices and drought might have something to do with it? Mind you, if you know you can't feed your horses, then you best sell them!! or give them away or something, starving them to death or near death is not an option. And I guess you wouldn't believe the number of pregger mares that are there. If you know you have no feed, why are you breeding?

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