Monday, May 24, 2010

New foal!

Scarlet finially foaled, a very cute red filly. She is a sweet little thing, super friendly! As she is my only foal born here this year, I can spend lots of time playing with her!!
No name yet, just havent' had time to think of one.

Mare Owners--check studs papers

This is happening far too often, the perfect stallion is advertised, you think he will be a perfect cross for you mare. You look up his pedigree and find that he is not in the owners name~!!!!! What is with that!!!

All mare owners should check with the registry that the stallion they want to breed their mare to is in the stallion owners name. It has been happening way to often, a stallion is advertised then a quick check reveils that the wrong name is on the papers. This can lead to huge headaches when you try and register your foal.

You can look up on line, or just call the registry that the horse is registered with and they will be more than happy to help you.