Sunday, May 25, 2008


Just a reminder about our clinic that is coming up. Dianne Little is coming again to St Paul the first weekend of July to help us with all our gaited needs. Bill Roy is also coming and he is going to discuss saddle fitting, starting a young horse and problem solving. It promises to be an excellent clinic with lots of one on one time. St Paul has great facitlities with stabling, a campground right across the street, lots of accomadation and restaraunts.

We are also going to hosting a gathering Saturday night, if anyone would like to bring their Canadian Reg walker for the Progam of Excellence. Vidio will be made for the tests bronze, silver and gold, and if anyone would like to try for the trainer challenge that would be great. You can find out more about these programs on the CRTWH web page.

For more info, please call me at 780-768-2250

Mane Event

Back in April, Lesa, Irene and myself headed off to Red Deer for the Mane Event. All I can say is WOW. It was so huge and over 42 000 people went throught the gates. There was so much to see and do, it was all rather overwelming.

I did take Mira to demo and we participated in the Sat. spectacular. I think we did pretty good! Lesa took some nice video clips of us riding on Saturday afternoon in my english gear, on Fri and Sunday I rode Western. Met tons of people, the CRTWH had a booth that was manned by Karla Freeman and Bill Young who came all the way from BC.

I've got to say a big Thank-you to Lesa and Irene, for with out their help, I couldn't have made it. They helped with everything from grooming and saddling, stall cleaning to getting my big butt up in the saddle!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

hoof trimming

Well, Lesa and I had the oportunity to take a natural barefoot trimming course at the beginning of the month. Don came to the farm and gave us lessons for two days. We did 8 horse and now he is on his way back to see how we are doing. It is a lot of work, especially as it takes each of us so long to do as we are not very fast (yet!). But it will be all worth while as now we know that the horses are being trimmed correctly and we are no longer at the mercy of farriers not showing up when they say they are going to.

I think it has also made me a better horseman too, as now my youngsters have to stand perfectly still for me to trim as I place the hoof in my lap and squat down beside them. It saves the back big time, but your horse has to cooperate. So the young ones get put into the round-pen and we use round pen techniques to teach them to stand quietly.
Picture is of Lesa trimming Tinkerbelle, with the help of Joy.


Just some pictures I took of some of our feathered freinds here on the farm


We've got four healthy foals and just have one more mare left. The first picture is of Angel's foal from Rascal, a nice colt. This baby is a spittin imiage of his papa.

The second foal is from Koko, and is by Treasure. He is a smokey black. I was hoping for a buckskin or a palimino but I got black. Oh well.

He does have the most amazing grey eye, and is very correct in his build. He's also got the long legs I've ever seen, he stands a couple of inches over the other babies.

Tinkerbell's baby from Money is the most quiet, easy going foal I've ever seen. Here she is taking a nap while we trim Tinker's feet. Lesa thought she should play with Joy's (that's what we named the baby) feet. Joy just lied there while getting all her toes picked out, and her legs moved around. We then brushed her and she put her head down, had her eyes half closed and was almost purring.