Saturday, May 24, 2008


We've got four healthy foals and just have one more mare left. The first picture is of Angel's foal from Rascal, a nice colt. This baby is a spittin imiage of his papa.

The second foal is from Koko, and is by Treasure. He is a smokey black. I was hoping for a buckskin or a palimino but I got black. Oh well.

He does have the most amazing grey eye, and is very correct in his build. He's also got the long legs I've ever seen, he stands a couple of inches over the other babies.

Tinkerbell's baby from Money is the most quiet, easy going foal I've ever seen. Here she is taking a nap while we trim Tinker's feet. Lesa thought she should play with Joy's (that's what we named the baby) feet. Joy just lied there while getting all her toes picked out, and her legs moved around. We then brushed her and she put her head down, had her eyes half closed and was almost purring.

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