Thursday, July 22, 2010

New babies

Had some baby ducks hatch last week, and the rowen's are hatching right now. Darn, but those babies are so cute.
We haven't been getting the rain some other places have been, thank goodness. Lots of hay that was cut way to soon and is now lying rotting in the field. People must be patient when cuttin hay and wait for a decent forcast.
Both boys are off the rest of the week, 4-h and Calgary, they will have lots of fun, and I'm going to clean while they are gone yeah! and maybe paint. Nothing like paint for freshening up a house.
We picked out some tile for bathroom, It's going to look great.
Been working with the horses, even though I haven't been riding much the last few weeks. Rosie has done a complete 360 degree turn around, and is now my pocket pony. She's still a little jumpy, but has come so far, I can hardly wait to ride her.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

rain, rain, rain

Well, to make up for last year, we are getting a double dose this year. We had three inches yesterday, yikes!!! It is so green out there, but we have had terrible wind storms that have taken down lots of trees and wiped out fences.

Bill Roy and Ralph Livingston came all the way from BC to train horses for Lesa and I. They worked their hinies off, and did 4 horses at my house and 6 at Lesa's, 10 hours each. I am so pleased with the job they did, especially Rosie. The change in her is just remarkable. I learned lots, and can hardly wait to apply some of what I've learned to my own horse training. They even convinced me to ride with just a halter on!

Been getting lots of time on Wilbur, I've taken him out on the trails by himself now and he's doing just great! I'm really pleased with the progress he's making. He's going to make somebody a great trail riding buddy.
I've also taken Tara out quite a bit, she is turning into a wonder trail horse, I really enjoy riding her. Now to get to work on the others and get them trail ready! All my 3 and 4 year olds except for Rosie and Eddie, have now been backed and ridden. That's pretty exciting.
Had some anxious moments when Gord's mom was in the hospital, but she's doing much better now, and is back home with lots of family support. Hoping to treck down there next week for a visit.