Saturday, May 24, 2008

hoof trimming

Well, Lesa and I had the oportunity to take a natural barefoot trimming course at the beginning of the month. Don came to the farm and gave us lessons for two days. We did 8 horse and now he is on his way back to see how we are doing. It is a lot of work, especially as it takes each of us so long to do as we are not very fast (yet!). But it will be all worth while as now we know that the horses are being trimmed correctly and we are no longer at the mercy of farriers not showing up when they say they are going to.

I think it has also made me a better horseman too, as now my youngsters have to stand perfectly still for me to trim as I place the hoof in my lap and squat down beside them. It saves the back big time, but your horse has to cooperate. So the young ones get put into the round-pen and we use round pen techniques to teach them to stand quietly.
Picture is of Lesa trimming Tinkerbelle, with the help of Joy.

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