Sunday, September 7, 2008

School's In, Back to Work

Me and Rascal in the bush

Well, we survived the first week of the new school year. I'm driving my bus again this year, Tyler's already in grade 8, and Wes is taking Welding at the Comp in St Paul. He's got himself a job at McDonald's to help pay for his gas too.

The choke cherries are hanging on the trees like fat grapes this year, and I just couldn't stand to see them go to waste, so Gord and I went berrie picking one morning. It didn't take long to fill a five gallon pail, but now I had to deal with them. First the boiling and straining, that took three days, then Saturday I spent the day making jelly. Now I know why I don't do this every year. It is so time consuming!! But sooo darn tasty. Now the kids want me to make crabapple jelly. I hope it gets rainy and miserable outside when I do that, because then I won't feel so bad about being stuck in the house.

Last Monday Lesa came over with three horses to ride, two green ones and Delight. I rode Mira and Lesa rode Nebbie. We just took them out into the hay field as this was Lesa's first time riding Nebbie and I had just trimmed Mira's feet a bit to short and didn't want to take her on the gravel. Nebbie did real well, just got to work on her going to fast, but she's not scary at all.
Next we took out Smartie and Rascal. Smartie is a high energy horse, although she was a low energy horse when Lesa's hubby rode her, and Rascal is my stud. It was an interesting ride. We went to the hay field and then back home on the rode. I thought it would be a good idea to keep going north, but my other stud happened to be on the other side of the fence that had no juice on it. Oops, we got out of there pretty quick.
Then last we took Delight and Rascal out into the big pasture. It was an awsome ride!! There are lots of trails through the bush, and then up onto some pretty high hills were I'm sure we could see Villna. It was almost dark when we got home, pretty darn happy, but tired.
You can see more of our trail ride on Lesa's web site
Me and Rascal in the hay field

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