Saturday, January 17, 2009

It warmed up!!

Finially, it has warmed up. OK, I tried to get a picture of the babies playing on the hill and as soon as I got close enough all the mothers ran up to me to say hello. Goofy things. I also got a shot of Penny, a foal from Money and Blondie. She's turning into a deep liver chestnut, but now I noticed that her legs are getting lighter. So who knows what colour she might end up.
Worked with Dee and Star today. Dee is going to be a big girl, we worked on lunging mostly. She has a hard time going in one direction but I think we made headway today and I should be able to saddle her next time I work with her. Star is just coming 2. He is going to be a real sweety. I had him tied to the fence waiting and he fell asleep! Just worked on picking up his feet, accepting things on and around him and giving to preasure (hips over, that kind of stuff).
Hey, I just discovered that you can click on the pictures and make them huge. If you click on the goat pics, you can see all babies.