Sunday, October 14, 2007

WOW, it's fall already

I can't believe that it's been since August that I posted last. Just don't know where the time has gone. School's back in, so I'm back driving my bus. It's getting pretty dark in the morning now and evenings the sun is setting even faster. The weather has been holding out for some fabulous riding, it's just too dark too soon.
Picture is of Kid Rascal, more about him in the next paragraph.

Well, Lesa went and bought herself a real nice little mare. Was scanning the bargain finder and found a full sister to Mornin'. She's just 5 years old and a real sweety. I'm getting her 30 days on her, by then winter will be here, but hope to have a few decent rides on her before the snow flies. We have good intentions of going to the Willingdon arena at least once a week to work on all these horses.

Also, brought home Kid Rascal, the other day to start working on him. He's quite the mover, I'm really excited to get him going. He has a real sweet personality too. Weaned all the foals now, the boys all lead nicely and enjoy our attention, the girl needs a little work though. She's in the barn for now, then once she's done I'll be bring in the yearlings for a week or two in the barn and doing some ground work with them.

Had an excellent trail ride at Debbie's last weekend. It started off a bit windy, but once we were on the lease land with the big trees it was really nice. We went with two of the neighbor girls, and Lesa. Lesa got to try her new Dixieland saddle and had a really good ride on Delight. Couldn't believe the difference a well fitting saddle made. We all had on our new ride and tie halter bridles that Bev made us, each custom coloured for us.

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