Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

All right, who made a New Year's Resolution? I've decided that I'm not going to make one for losing weight, getting in shape or even riding more. No, I''m going to try and go a little deeper into my self. My resolution is going to be anther cliche. "BE HAPPY" Sounds simple right? But that means not relieing on someone or something else for that happiness. Finding it within and then passing it on. Be happy means instead of fretting over what I can't buy (hmmm new horses?) be happy with what I have. Be happy meands not stressing over what I think my children can succeed at, but what they ARE succeeding at. Be happy means not whining that my husband isn't home, but when he is home make this the best, most positive home we can be in.



Traci said...

Awesome resolution Fran! Choosing to be happy and making the best of where you are/what you have IS the key!

Fran Kerik said...

OK, so when I get whiny, just point my nose back to this post and remind me!